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We have unmatched prices and an expedited approach to IT talent acquisition. Rather than charging clients 20% of a candidate’s salary like traditional recruiters, we have a 3 tier pricing model. This means the most you will pay for securing senior top talent is $5,000. Our self-serve database of potential candidates has been prescreened using our proprietary process based on expert knowledge and 20 years of IT hiring experience. This facilitates an expedient and cost effective experience for our clients. We charge a flat fee of $2500 for Junior positions, $3750 for Intermediate positions, and $5000 for Senior positions.


$2,500Per Placement
  • A Junior level placement is verified by their salary range of $30,000-$50,000.


$3,750Per Placement
  • An Intermediate level placement is verified by their salary range of $51,000-$75,000.


$5,000Per Placement
  • A Senior level placement is verified by their salary range of $76,000-$100,000+.

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Sign up for free access to view our pre-vetted pool of candidates. Each profile includes work experience, technical skills, salary expectations, location and a rating based on our prescreen interview. Our database is updated weekly with fresh, top talent.  

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Like what you see? Next, we’ll set you up with an interview. And here’s the best part…you only pay when you hire.  With quality talent at your fingertips, you’ll jump at the opportunity to score an interview, make an offer, and win your newest team member. 

Unmatched Value

Founded by IT professionals with over 20years of industry experience, we are committed to providing progressive service in a competitive market. If you’re looking to fill a specialized position, we even offer traditional IT recruiting. And best of all, we have a pricing plan that beats anyone in the industry. Don’t believe us? Just ask!

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